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Antennas for 0.01 Hz to 4 MHz

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NEW for 2023: Portable Foam Loop Stormwise FoamTenna® Antennas for 1 KHz-1710 KHz. VLF thru AM broadcast bands.
NEW for 2023: Antennas for Solar VLF Radio Astronomy 1 KHz - 500 KHz
Antennas for Short Wave 1.7 MHz - 4 MHz
Antennas for AM Broadcast Band 530 KHz - 1710 KHz
Antennas for Long Wave and 30 KHz - 530 KHz
Antennas for Very Low Frequency 3 KHz - 30 KHz
Antennas for Ultra Low Frequency 300 Hz - 3 KHz
Antennas for Super Low Frequency 30 Hz - 300 Hz
Sub-Hertz Antennas for Extremely Low Frequency 0.01 Hz - 30 Hz

We specialize in low frequency antennas. We have the high performance portable low frequency antenna that you've been looking for!

We offer antennas for the frequency range of 0.03 Hz to 4 MHz.

Our antennas are directional to help reduce interference when 2 stations from different directions are on the same channel.

Our antennas feature large capture area and high Q for strong reception.

Easy impedance matching for peaking weak signals: Most of our antennas above 10 KHz can be matched to a standard 50 ohm load simply by wrapping 1 or 2 turns around the outer case. You can peak up the signal strength for maximum reception.

If your receiver has a non-standard impedance, you can easily match it for strongest reception using our antennas.

Our antennas also feature high impedance output across the two binding posts which is especially useful for frequencies below 5000 Hz.

Our antennas can be tuned by placing a capacitor across the binding posts, resulting in a sharp rise in signal strength at the frequency of interest.

Works with all types of radios
Greatly boost reception! Simply tune the antenna and place the radio nearby for signal transfer to the radio's built-in barcore antenna element.

Bring back receiving power to your antique AM and Long Wave radios! No wire connection or modification needed, simply place the radio near the tuned antenna for greatly increased signal strength. No batteries needed. The tuned antenna captures the radio waves and transfers them to your radio's built-in barcore antenna.

Additionally if your radio has a 50 ohm input jack you can use the antenna for perfect match, just wrap 1 or 2 turns ( for SW, LW, and AM bands ) to couple signal to radio.

If your radio or test equipment has a high Z input, you can connect directly to it. This is most useful below 5 KHz.

See our complete line of standard antennas: