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Extremely Low Frequency Antennas

Extremely Low Frequency Antennas 0.1 Hz - 35 Hz

tuned directional antenna

Antennas in this range are useful for specialized remote sensing applications such as detecting earthquakes without needing moving parts or mass at rest. They are also useful in detecting geomagnetic storms. The slightest movement of earth's magnetic field is registered by these instruments. Earthquakes can modulate earth's magnetic field and be detected at the speed of light via the ELF waves, minutes before the seismic waves arrive. The Ridgecrest, California quake was detected in Texas before the seismic waves arrived from California. These antennas will find many uses in research applications.

These 36 inch long ELF antennas are for detecting movement of geomagnetic fields, geomagnetic storms. They are also useful in seismographs, ELF reception, ELF tuners, and magnetic motion sensors.

These compact ELF Band antennas offer high sensitivity and wide bandwidth.

Directional pattern allows you to zero-in on desired signals.

"Figure 8" reception pattern.

Weather-proof plastic case.

For instant ELF reception, without needing any pre-amplifiers, we suggest using the DI-2008 PC data logger from www.dataq.com. It has the required millivolt input sensitivity. Just connect the antenna to the input terminals and plug the data logger into your computer's USB port. You will be able to detect geomagnetic storms, earthquakes. Can instantly detect large earthquakes without having moving parts in your seismograph. (Large earthquakes modulate earth's magnetic field, for instant detection hundreds of miles away, without the time delay of waiting for the far slower seismic waves).

For use in

  • ELF reception,
  • seismic research,
  • geologic research,
  • geomagnetic storm detection,
  • ferrious metal detection,
  • remote vehicle detection,
  • EM research.

    If this antenna is used in a moving vehicle and connected to a millivolt meter, the meter will indicate strongly when the antenna passes over a buried iron pipeline or other metal under a roadway. Strong signals well over 1 volt can be generated depending on the strength of the magnetism in the buried metal.

    The antenna will output a DC voltage (in millivolts) when moved through earth's magnetic field, or if earth's magnetic field moves, as happens during geomagnetic storms and earthquakes.

    Binding posts allow quick connection to voltmeter or data logger terminals.

    36-i-ELF01H35H-BC Specification: (+/-10 %), 0.01 uF tunes @ 45 Hz.
    36-i-ELF01H35H-BC Specification: (+/- 10 %), 0.04 uF tunes @ 25 Hz.
    36-i-ELF01H35H-BC Specification: (+/-10 %), 0.22 uF tunes @ 10 Hz.
    DC resistance = 11.4 K-ohms.

    This antenna is 37 inches long.

    Available with our standard iron core, or our ferrite core having an iron center for extended low level signal pickup.

    Part # FrequencyPrice
    36-i-ELF01H35H-BC0.1 Hz - 35 Hz$ 425.00
    36-iFE-ELF01H35H-BC0.1 Hz - 35 Hz$ 695.00

    36-iFE-ELF01H35H-BC has a 1 inch diameter ferrite core with a central iron core for extended weak signal sensitivity.

    Seismograph Pickup Coil
    seismograph pickup coil
    Sensing down to 0.1 Hz.

    This antenna is for use in seismographs to detect the magnet attached to a suspended mass weight. Extremely sensitive. Can be used also as an infrasonic microphone pickup, to detect a moving magnet on a diaphragm.

    Build a seismograph.(link under construction 02-27-2021

    This antenna is 5 inches long. Compact size. 24 inch wires.

    No extra power or batteries required. Just connect to the input of a millivolt sensitive PC chart recorder. We recommend the Di-2008 from www.dataq.com
    Part # FrequencyPrice
    5-i-SP-10.1 - 30 Hz $ 75.00


    Its easy! Just connect the antenna directly to a PC data logger having millivolt input sensitivity for instant operation. No other amplifiers or power supplies needed. ELF waves are too low for human hearing, so it is best to view them on a PC chart-recorder.

    We suggest using the model # Di-2008 data logger from www.dataq.com.

    We suggest using the model # Di-2008 data logger from www.dataq.com.

    This data logger can be setup to record new 24 hour long files, saving the file names automatically as the new date. This makes it easy to find recordings of daily events.

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