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VLF Electric Field Receiver

The VLF TRACKER ONE is a wideband Very Low Frequency Electric Field Receiver for the frequency range of 100 Hz - 20 KHz.

The Earth makes strange and beautiful electrical Sferic waves in the VLF Frequency range.

The VLF TRACKER ONE will detect TWEEKS, WHISTLERS, DAWN CHOURUS, LIGHTNING, INSECTS FLYING, and other natural electric field emitters.

No tuning, its broad band. Just connect a 5 or 10 foot wire antenna outdoors and an earth ground rod. You will hear all kinds of elecrical noise made by the earth and near-space environment.

The best listening is far away from power lines. The best time to listen is from 9 PM to 5 AM local time.

Just connect the unit's audio RCA jack to the microphone input or line-level audio input of any good quality audio recording device or camera with mic input jack.

You can easily hear global lightning flashes in the VLF band. Lightning 1000's of miles away is easily hearable day and night.

Local lightning Detector Mode can detect lightning over 75 miles away, will make your audio amplifier give a "POP" sound for each detection.

Orange LED light on front panel.

External gain is controllable via an external resistor you can supply across the antenna terminals. Otherwise the unit normally runs at full gain. Plenty of room for experimentation.

Supplied with power-off antenna shorting stub. (automatically powers down when the antenna and rground are shorted together).

The VLF TRACKER ONE is $ 149.95 + $ 15.00 s/h.

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