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Variable Capacitors
Band-New VARIABLE CAPACITORS for tuning and fine tuning. Transmit and Receive

We have high value air variable tuning capacitors designed for tuning of the lower frequency radio bands. Capacitors for tuning the lower frequency radio bands below 2 Mhz. VLF, Long Wave, AM bands.

1400 pF Variable Capacitor for use in tuning VLF and Long Wave antennas
Longwave Variable capacitor
This capacitor is useful for receivers and antenna tuning in the VLF, Long Wave bands.

This precision 3 section brand-new Air Variable Capacitor has an adjustable range of 14 pF to 466 pF in three individually shielded sections.

Its three individually shielded capacitors in one unit! Bridge the sections to get a single capacitor with range of 40 pF to 1400 pF.