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Lightning Alert Lightning Detector

The LD-6000 Lightning Alert Lightning Detector alerts you of approaching thunderstorms and lightning strikes.

The indoor unit's loud buzzer sounds 1 second for each lightning strike detected.

The loud alarm buzzer sounds every lightning strike detected, even the weak or distant strikes for earliest possible warnings of storms.

Approaching severe thunderstorms having intense lightning activity will cause continuous alarm sound.

Outdoor lightning sensor mounts outdoors on a 10-foot pole for up to 75 miles range.

True all-directional lightning sensor without any null spots.

A 9-volt battery will last over 2 years of round-the-clock on-guard monitoring.

Detects in both the Very Low Frequency and Low Frequency bands for reliable performance.

Lightning sensor plugs into the back of the indoor alarm unit.

Lightning sensor supplied with 50 feet of cable and mounting clamps.

Automatic self test when first turned ON, checks the lightning sensor and connections.

Rugged lightning sensor for stable performance in all weather.

Detects approaching lightning strikes for added safety at home.

The LD-6000 Lightning Alert Lightning Detector is $ 200.00 + $ 20.00 s/h