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Fluxgate Magnetometer Cores
Build a Magnetometer for Detecting Earth's Magnetic Field

The Earth's magnetic field is usually stable but during times of solar flares. geomagnetic storms, gamma-ray bursts from space, and earthquakes it can change wildly. You can detect these changes with this highly sensitive magnetic core is designed specifically for experimental magnetometers. Made in USA.

You will see the DC level of Earth's magnetic field displayed on your voltmeter or oscilloscope. You will see the extremely low frequency waves from DC through 30 Hz. Detects the actual DC magnetic field evel. You can see the field intensity change on your multimeter or oscilloscope.

Build a highly sensitive fluxgate magnetometer using high sensitivity flux gate toroid cores.

Our Tall Toroid Cores require low drive levels for 100% saturation so you don't need much driving power to operate your magnetometer.

Comes with instrucions for building a one transistor Super-Regenerative Magnetometer. This circuit uses a feedback loop to boost amplification and eleminates the need for high power drivers, DC amplifiers, IC's, and filters. It can easly detect small changes in the Earth's magnetic field. Connect it to a data logger, multimeter, or oscilloscope to view magnetic field changes and levels. Project circuit is designed to run on just two "D" cell batteries pulling less than 6 milliamps.

Will detect ceramic magnets over 5 feet away.

It can also be wound and driven in a conventional way (two coils), can be driven up to 1 MHz.

You can also wind it then loop some wire through it to make a VLF receiving antenna to hear tweeks and whistlers in the range of 1 KHz-5 KHz.

Made of break-resistant PVC plastic and metal.

Large size thru the center for extremely easy winding.

The FG-TTC-1 exibits -extremely- strong Barkhausen White Noise up to 100 KHz when a magnet is brought near it, great for detecting magnetic fields, just connect the coil to the input of a sensitive audio amplifier or oscilloscope.
Part # Frequency Price
FG-TTC-1 DC - 1 MHz $ 35.00 + s/h.

Shown wound. Does not come wound with wire. You will need approximately 150 feet of 30 gauge copper magnet wire for the one transistor Super-Regenerative Magnetometer.