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Non-Contact IR Thermometer


No surface contact needed: Measures the infra-red heat rays given off by all objects.
Point, click and measure the surface temperature in a fraction of a second
Check doors and windows for drafts
HVAC applications: check heating/cooling ducts, in-floor heating & furnace temperatures
Measures oven, stove and grill temperatures up to 390.2F
Food temperature (surface only); perfect for liquids
No contact operation avoids contamination of foods
Measure engine exhaust, motors, tires & hard-to-reach or high-temperature areas
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It can also be used in remote measurements of the temperature of clouds and the sky. Sky temperature is a function of how much water vapor is present to reflect heat back to earth. A clear dry sky reads lower temperature, a cloudy overcast sky reads higher temperature. Just aim the unit straight up and press the button to take sky temperature and cloud temperature measurements. Low sky temperature below 40 F on a clear cool night can indicate frost is possible, for example. Clouds are warm, and also reflect heat back to earth, so on an overcast night the temperature of the clouds likely will be near the minimum low temperature for the morning if the weather is otherwise stable.


Measurement Range: -27.4F to 390.2F

Accuracy (ambient temperature 68F to 79F)
-27.4F to 32F : +/- (4.5F + 0.1/deg)
Above 32F : +/- (4.5F or 2.5% whichever is greater)
Resolution: (-9.9F to 199.9F) 0.5F , otherwise 1F
Response Time (90%): 1 second
Operating Range: 32F to 122F
Storage Range: -4F to 149F
Emissivity Range: 0.95 fixed
Auto switching-off: 15 seconds

Wireless Infra-Red Thermometer model # 914-604 is $ 29.95 + $ 15.00 s/h.