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Pocket RF Signal Generator

This pocket-sized RF function signal generator features frequency accurate DDS ( Direct Digital Synthesis ) of frequencies from 1 Hz to 1 MHz.

Outputs Sine, Triangle, or Square waves.

Square wave harmonic rich output even allows signal testing up to 30 MHz.

Rock stable DDS voltage and frequency does not drift over time so its excellent for use in testing radio receivers or generation of beat tones.

50 ohms output, with BNC jack.

Output voltage levels are displayed in both dBm and volts AC simultaneously.

Built in rechargeable battery.

Charges from any USB port. Charger included.

If your job involves working with frequencies below 1 MHz, (or even up to 30 MHz) this little RF generator will quickly become your best friend.

Square wave function with harmonic-rich properties outputs square waves with harmonic frequencies to 30 MHz.

A complete 1 MHz function generator with sweep function in a compact pocket sized package for testing on the go. Easy to use on screen menu lets you set output voltage and frequency, and select between three waveforms: Sine, Triangle, and Square wave.

DDS waveform generator (Direct Digital Synthesis)
DAC resolution: 10 bits
Frequency range: from 1Hz to 1,000,000Hz (▒ 0.01%)
Frequency steps: 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz
Waveforms: sine, square and triangle
Sweep function with bi-direction option
Output voltage: max. 8Vpp
Real output level measurement: dBm / Vrms or Vpp readout (▒3%)
Typical sine wave distortion (THD): < 0.1% @ 0dB / 600 ohms
Square wave rise/fall time: typ. 0.2Ás
Output impedance: 50 ohms
Multi-language menu (Eng / Fre / Dut / Ge / Es )
White LED backlight
Charging power supply: 9Vdc/200mA
Operates on NiMH rechargeable battery pack (included)
Dimensions: 2.9" x 4.5" x 1.14"

Handheld Pocket Generator
Owners manual
BNC adapter, BNC male to RCA female
BNC male to 2x 4mm banana plug
USB power supply adapter

Handheld DDS Signal Generator 1H-1M is $ 189.95 + $ 20.00 s/h.