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Electronic Barking Dog Alarm Sound
It's RADAR WAVES detect intruders even thru home walls and doors!

Electronic Motion Detecting Barking Dog Alarm

Our electronic barking dog alarm detects approaching intruders up to 30 feet away. No installation needed!

Our electronic watchdog 'sees' intruders thru walls and doors with it's unique radar wave beam. Nothing to install. The alarm detects motion -even thru walls- with it's built-in radar!

Can be placed anywhere indoors to stand guard.

Can be used to announce exit or entry in "chime" mode.

Place it inside near your front door or back door or near a home window to stand guard. Detects the outdoor movements of intruders even through walls!


  • When an intruder is first detected the watchdog sounds a single bark.
  • As the intruder gets closer or persists in the area the watchdog barks louder and more frequently.
  • Very realistic sound of a fierce protective watchdog.
  • The 'radar eyes' of our electronic watchdog can see approaching intruders even thru walls and doors!
  • No remote sensors or wires to install. Its fully self-contained with built-in radar and loud speaker.
  • Detects up to 30 feet away and range is fully adjustable down to 2 feet via a knob on back.
  • Just plug it in and turn it ON, this "dog" will stand guard 24-7!
  • Great for apartment dwellers where real dogs are'nt allowed.
  • It's a watchdog without the cleanup associated with having a real watchdog!

    Features several alarm modes selectable by a real slide switch (not a digital switch): Barking sound of a ferocious attack dog, Announce mode sounds of the Rainforest, Barking dog with siren.

  • General Performance:

    Distant approach: single or several barks.

    Medium distance: single and multiple barks.

    Close approach: fierce, continuous barks.

  • Size: 6" L x 5.1/8" W x 7.5" H.

    Electronic Barking Dog Alarm # EBD-50 is $ 159.95 + s/h.

    Sales to USA only.