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AM Broadcast Band Antennas
Small Antennas for 530 KHz to 1.7 MHz

AM Broadcast Band Antenna 530 - 1700 KHz

AM Band antenna offers high sensitivity and narrow bandwidth across the full AM band.

Directional to help reduce interference when 2 stations from different directions are on the same channel.

Weather-proof plastic case.

Binding post connections.

Ideal for receiving your one favorite AM station that is otherwise hard to hear.

Monster size 6.75 inches long x 1.02 inch diameter ferrite core for maximum signal pickup

Part Number: 6AM55BC is an AM broadcast band antenna for 530 KHz - 1700 KHz, and can be user tuned with external variable capacitor user supplies.

Or just tune it up and place it near your AM radio's built-in bar core for- greatly- increased reception.

1 or 2 turns of wire wrapped around the center of the antenna for output coupling gives a 50 ohm match. Add more turns to match higher Z if needed.

Specification: (+/- 10 %), 410 pF tunes @ 530 KHz, 40 pF tunes @ 1700 KHz.

Part # FrequencyPrice
6AM55BC530 KHz - 1700 KHz$ 125.00

Optional variable tuning capacitor for this antenna

NOTE: 6AM55BC Antennas are 9 inches long.

NOTE: These antennas are bi-directional having a 'figure 8' pattern, to allow you to null interference from stations on the same channel, but located in different directions.

Works with all types of AM Radios
Greatly boost reception! Simply tune the antenna and place the radio nearby for signal transfer to the radio's built-in barcore antenna element.

Bring back receiving power to your antique AM - Long Wave radios! No wire connection or modification needed, simply place the radio near the tuned antenna for greatly increased signal strength. No batteries needed. The tuned antenna captures the radio waves and transfers them to your radio's built-in barcore antenna.

Simply place the radio near the antenna, adjust variable capacitor to tune in station for a great boost in reception strength.

You can also match and tune a random long wire antenna to your radio's 50-ohm or 300 ohm input.

For 50 ohm match wrap 1 or 2 turns around the tuned up antenna. For 300 ohm match wind 6 or 7 turns around the center of the tuned antenna.

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