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AM Radio Signal Booster
10 KHz - 2 MHz Pre-Amplifier Module


This 10 KHz - 2 MHz pre-amplifier can be used to boost reception in the VLF, LF, Long Wave and AM BROADCAST band.

Greatly boosts the AM BROADCAST BAND for clear reception of stations from every direction. No more need to rotate your radio for best signal.

Also greatly boosts Long Wave reception and VLF reception. Great for boosting WWVB 60 KHz so your watch or clock can self-set if you have trouble receiving. No need to tune.

The pre-amplifier requires no tuning, it picks up the whole low end spectrum between 10 KHz - 2 MHz, with only a short single wire for the antenna that the user supplies.

GREATLY boosts AM broadcast band reception. You can use a 31 inch AM car antenna rod for the antenna.

Converts your AM radio to receive stations from every direction, just like your car's AM radio does.

For best reception mount the antenna and receiver far away from power lines to prevent reception of hum noise.

Connect to your receiver's antenna input jack, or inductively couple it to your radio's built-in ferrite antenna by wrapping 1 or 2 turns around the ferrite rod.

Easy 4 wire connection: Yellow = Antenna, Green = Output, Red = (+), Black = (-).

Power it with 6 to 9 volts DC.

It is input protected and overload protected.

Part # PRE-10K2M $ 35.00 + $ 8.00 s/h.

AM Pre-Amp Module

Support parts:

Antenna: 31 inches: whip antenna or wire. Mount vertically.

C1 = 0.1 uF capacitor.
50 feet of cable max. Any kind, but recommend coaxial cable or you can use flat thin telephone cable similar to the type on the unit.
Ground rod: 3 foot long copper rod.


Wire the unit as shown above.

The antenna and pre-amp module should be mounted away from power lines, phone lines, and trees. Mount it on a 5 foot tall pole. No need to elevate above this as the amplifier is extremely sensitive and is designed to work at this level. The pre-amp is designed to produce the omni-directional reception of your car's AM radio, and give the signals a great boost in addition for clear strong reception.

Connect a 31 inch antenna element or antenna wire to the yellow wire to work as the antenna. You can support the antenna wire inside of a piece of CPVC pipe like shown below. The antenna rod must connect directly to the yellow wire on the pre-amp. Do NOT feed the antenna input down a length of cable to the pre-amplifier because this will greatly reduce available signal strength.

Connect a ground wire to the black wire on the pre-amp and connect to a ground rod (a 3 foot long piece of copper pipe) driven in the ground directly below the antenna. This will greatly improve reception and reduce noise.

The antenna and pre-amp module can be placed inside of CPVC or PVC pipe fittings and clamped on to a metal pole using U-Clamps.

The antenna mounting pole should be driven in the ground 1 foot for stability.

AM Radio Booster

You can wrap 1 or 2 turns of wire around your AM radio to couple to your radio's built-in bar-core antenna.

AM Pre-Amp Module

Alternately you can open your radio and wrap 1 or 2 turns around the AM bar core on the exact center part of the rod (don't touch or move the wires on the ferrite bar rod). Usually the windings for the am antenna are to the left or right of the center of the ferrite rod. Do not wind wire on top of the antenna windings.

If you have a 60 KHz WWVB wrist watch that gets poor reception indoors, you can use this induction principle to boost reception.

Lay the watch on top of a small wood or plastic box wrapped with about 50 turns of fine wire to couple the 60 KHz signal to the watch.

You may want to greatly reduce power consumed by the amplifier so you can run it a long time on a 9-volt battery: Connect a 10 K-resistor in the ( + ) line. Check watch to see if WWVB signal is still strong enough for your watch to detect.

NOTE: Time signal station WWVB 60 KHz is generally best received between midnight to 3 AM your local time.